Predicting Pearl Harbor

The War of 1812
The War of 1812, Conflict
and Deception

Galliant Sons
Galliant Fighting Sons

Voices of Courage

Voices of Valor


Remember D-Day

Voices of D-Day

D-Day Companion



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Predicting Pearl Harbor: Billy Mitchell and the Path to War

September release.

The War of 1812, Conflict and Deception: The British Attempt to Seize New Orleans and Nullify the Louisiana Purchase

War of 1812 cover

Galliant Fighting Sons: The Jesuits, Louisiana
and Their School in Louisiana

Galliant Fighting Sons

Heroes Fight Like Greeks
Packed with personal testimony and many rare photos.

Heroes Fight Like Greeks COVER

April 2006
Remember D-Day
added to the International Reading Association’s Young Adult’s Choices List

September 2005

Voices of Courage
Includes audio cds with oral histories from Khe Sanh veterans

June 2004
Voices of Valor
added to the New York Times’ Best-Seller List

December 2004
Remember D-Day
added to the School Library Journal’ Best Books of 2004 List

Ron Drez is a decorated combat veteran of the Vietnam War and a former Captain of Marines. He is an award-winning, best-selling author and commander.

He is President of Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours having served both as friend and associate of the distinguished, late historian.

He has written many articles for military history magazines and is a contributing author and editor to the Encyclopaedia Britannica web site for its Normandy feature

Now businesses, clubs, associations and classrooms can step back into American history with stimulating lectures, roundtables, and presentations. For those who want the ultimate history experience, join Ron on many exciting tours. Western Battlefields of the Civil War; D-Day to the Rhine; The Corps of DiscoveryLewis and Clark; The Italian Campaign and Band of Brothers.

Over twenty years of leading the Eisenhower Center’s oral history project has brought this distingquished author into contact with the veterans of WWII. Of note was his initial discovery and interviews with the “Band of Brothers” which he chronicled in a special edition of WWII magazine entitled, Finding the Band of Brothers.